Workshop Fees


Workshop Fees

The Don Rae Academy of Movement & Arts offer schools reasonable and affordable rates. Our full day workshops cost £360 and our half day workshops cost £185. If you wish to book a one off workshop for one class for an hour the rate is £60. The quality of our workshops is what makes the Don Rae Academy a highly recommended company. We pride ourselves in offering well structured classes pitched perfectly to the different age groups. We excel in managing up to 30 children in a class sometimes more allowing them to engage fully in the activities.

D.R.A.M.A Specialists fees

The specialist fees are considerably less than the dance and drama workshop fees. Your specialist will be delivering classes on a weekly basis and therefore we aim to keep within your budget by matching the cost of employing a supply teacher. Please see the packages available below and if you are interested in hiring a specialist we can come to the school and offer a taster workshop to see what you think.

Workshop Packages


Bronze Package: Day Workshop only



Silver Package: Day Workshop + Wake up shake up


Gold Package: Day Workshop + Wake up shake up + After school club



The specialist packages are for full day workshops only but if you require half day weekly sessions we can arrange that for you. Our Pantomime workshops and after school clubs are priced separately. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to complete the enquiry form or contact us direct on 020 8704 0786. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements in details in order to provide an unforgettable day!