D.R.A.M.A Specialists


Have your very own D.R.A.M.A specialist

The Don Rae Academy offer schools the opportunity to employ a specialist in the performing arts; whether it is solely dance or drama or both. Our aim is to integrate creativity and performance with the national curricular topics to enhance the students' knowledge on an artistic and academic scale. Your specialist will have previous experience working with children of all ages, a current DBS, professional experience working in the arts and they are also covered under our public liability insurance. Specialists have proven beneficial to Primary schools we currently work in and have been helpful in arranging PPA cover for the staff.

What do the specialists do?

Your specialist will act as the creative leg of the school delivering classes each week on an agreed day. Depending on the size of your school you can opt to have one day a week or more. Your specialist will:

  • Facilitate dance/drama classes based on class topics and learning

  • objectives

  • Deliver after school dance/drama clubs

  • Lead a 'Wake up Shake up' dance every morning in the school playground

  • for 10 minutes

  • Manage and direct school performances such as Christmas productions and

  • Leavers' plays

  • Organise school events like Talent shows and International evenings

  • Examine and assess the students' creative skills and social development

  • Tie in festivals like Chinese New Year and Diwali in to the sessions

  • Give constructive feedback to the individual teachers based on the students'

  • performance, listening and reading skills

What happens in the classes?

Dance and drama are subjects that are highly popular with students from Early Years to KS3. The students work alongside topics they are studying in the classroom using dance and drama conducted by the specialist. This creative approach tackles many issues; developing social skills, building self confidence and strengthening performance abilities. Classes will last for 45 minutes but times may vary according to the school timetable. The students will be expanding their knowledge through the arts for example, a Year 4 class studying the Second World War performed a brilliant drama play based around the evacuation and worked on a dance from Glen Miller's 'In the mood' to celebrate the end of the war. Our dance classes also cover topics in P.E and R.E exploring Hindu festivals like Diwali by learning Indian dance.

I feel dance and drama have benefited my class tremendously since our D.R.A.M.A specialist started working at our school. The staff, parents and children regularly comment on the positive benefits these classes have brought, mainly the enjoyment, the increased confidence and self esteem.
— Naurin Choudri - (Yr. 2 teacher) Cavendish School - Chiswick
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