Dance Workshops

Our dance workshops are very popular with schools across the country. You may opt to have a whole day dance workshop for up to seven classes or a half day workshop for up to four classes. Each class or year group may be studying a particular country or festival and all of the dances may be different depending on the class.You may prefer to have one genre of dance for the whole day to celebrate a festival like Chinese New Year with a celebration assembly at the end of the day to see what the children have been working on throughout the day. Our workshops are extremely flexible and we can cater your needs by tailoring our dance workshops especially for you. Take a look at what we have to offer:

Kung Hei Fat Choi  - Happy Chinese New Year!

Explore the Mystic east with our colourful Chinese dance workshops. The students will have the opportunity to learn ribbon dancing, lion dancing and will even get to hold our 20ft long dragon which they can parade around the school! This workshop is suitable for all age groups and pitched perfectly to the different age groups. Our dance routines are well choreographed, creating visual patterns and retelling traditional folk tales. You can even dramatize the beautiful stories through shadow puppetry and music which completes a vibrant and unforgettable day.

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Bollywood Dreams  - Dances from India!

Celebrate the Hindu festivals of Diwali and Holi with our exciting and energetic Bollywood dance workshops.Suitable for all age groups; the students will gain a cultural insight in to India exploring the traditional stories through dance. The children will dance with scarves to create patterns and shapes, learn the simple hand gestures and perform entertaining dance routines. You can even plan a 'Bollywood day' where the children dress up in traditional Indian costumes, enjoy an Indian themed lunch and learn how to do Bollywood dancing! This is an infectious, fun and vibrant workshop enjoyed by both the staff and children.

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Other workshops we offer include:

  • Salsa

  • African Dance

  • Street Dance

  • Folk Dance

  • Musical Theatre

  • Motown Mania

  • Dance through the Decades

  • Carnival

  • Tap Dancing

  • World Dance

  • Creative Dance


The Don Rae Academy excels in providing our schools with a variety of dance styles. Our folk dances range from Morris dancing to Russian Cossack, from the Greek Zorba to the Italian Tarentella. Our World dances range from the Mexican Hat Dance to Aboriginal dance. Our facilitators can also devise dances around a theme your students are studying in class like Tudor dancing or dances with a Victorian theme like 'Oliver!' 

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