About Workshops


The Don Rae Academy have a wide range of dance and drama workshops

Suitable for Early Years, Foundation, KS1, KS2 and KS3 our workshops tie in perfectly with the national curriculum integrating well with other class subjects such as P.E, Religious Education, History and Geography. Our workshops can also be tailored to your requirements.

If you are planning an arts week or multicultural week then our world dance workshops would be suitable for you. Each class may work on a dance from a chosen country which could then be performed at a celebration assembly at the end of the day. You may have a particular theme based on a book or painting and you want to have a creative approach to the topic. Students from Carlisle Infant School in Hampton were studying 'Persephone' for book week based on the weather and Greek Mythology; our facilitator worked hand in hand with the school choreographing creative dances depicting the events in the story. The children were narrating the play through movement and expression. 

Our workshops relate well with religious festivals such as Diwali and Holi. The children will learn Bollywood dance and traditional Indian dances based around the stories using scarves and costume to illustrate them on a visual level. Chinese New Year is a very popular workshop where the students learn about the culture of China and the spring festival through dance and folk tales. You may be looking to give your class an alternative approach to learning by booking one of our fantastic drama workshops.

You may want the Don Rae Academy to prepare and choreograph your Year 2 or 6 leavers play/assembly. Our facilitators are highly experienced in organizing musicals, conducting shows and directing plays. Take the weight of your shoulders and let us work with the children to put on a successful production. Recent shows include 'Joseph', 'Jack and the Beanstalk', 'Cinderella Rockafella', 'Oliver' and 'The Wiz'. 

Don Rae’s workshops are of a very high standard. loved by both pupils and staff. I highly recommend the exciting and well planned workshops!.
— Hanife Shahin (Cultural and Diversity Curriculum leader) West Grove Primary School, Southgate
We booked an Olympic themed workshop with Don Rae and the children had a fantastic time from beginning to end. Don taught a variety of dances to our Year 3 and 4 classes with an impressive amount of energy, we couldn’t have been happier with the results and we will be booking more workshops in the very near future!.
— Sarah Guy (Year 3 Teacher) Chiswick and Bedford Park Prep School, Chiswick
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