D.R.A.M.A Teens

The D.R.A.M.A TEENS class is designed for students in secondary education (Years 7-11). The class is an hour long and and focuses on drama improvisation, acting techniques and diction. We currently have one class running every Saturday morning in Putney 11.3012.45pm but we will be opening more TEENS classes in the future.


By attending our classes the students are:

  • encouraged to devise original pieces 

  • able to work in groups and problem solve

  • able to develop characters

  • able to identify the intentions of the characters

  • motivated by professional faciltators

  • able to follow stage directions

  • able to understand and read text in detail

  • able to exercise their improvisational skills

  • supported with their passion to learn creatively

Join in the fun and develop your teen's creative learning in drama and theatre studies


Where, When & Price

Every saturday (term time) 11,30-12,45pm

the community church, werter road, Putney, London sw15 2ll

£8.00 per class

The students will have a further insight in to drama and dance exploring techniques used by selected practitioners and pioneers. Students have their very own black and gold D.R.A.M.A TEENS T-shirt which can be purchased at the class.



“I have learned so much since joining the D.R.A.M.A TEENS class. I have been at the Don Rae Academy since I was in Year 3 and now I am in Year 10 it is good to have a class for my age group. The exercises are more challenging and the plays are more intense.”
— Belen Regis Caniupan (age 15)